What Others Say

Maggie SURF Judge - Awards Dinner Crop Small

“Maggie Broadley was without doubt a driving force in all aspects of this business. Her vision, talent and determination have been recognised locally, nationally and internationally.

Maggie did an awful lot of good work for the regeneration of the village, making links across Scotland and internationally boosting our profile in very testing times. Despite many challenges, we have had a lot of significant successes, making it into a national exhibition centre. 

The Barony Centre project was very much Maggie’s baby, and she has worked with us for over ten years from the outset, raising the money all the way through to the point of opening the front door.”

Kay Hall, Craft Town Scotland/Company Secretary, West Kilbride Community Initiative Limited.


“Maggie has provided me with great support during my time at Craft Town Scotland. I have improved my knowledge of crafts and practical skills in putting together exhibitions, curating and designing as well as how to manage working with creatives. She has taken an interest in me as a person, and sought to support me and mentor me wherever possible. I truly believe that I would not have been successful in progressing into my new role with East Renfrewshire without the knowledge and encouragement I have received from Maggie.

The standard of the exhibitions at the Barony Centre are consistently high. This is directly attributable to Maggie’s creative programming and direction. It should also be praised that the quality is comparable with institutions that operate on a much larger scale and with increased resources.

 Maggie is quite literally an asset in both her achievements, connections and work ethic. The importance of her networking in increasing awareness of the organisation and drawing the attention of others greatly benefits the organisation. “

Tess Forbes McMurchie, Visual Arts Officer, East Renfrewshire Council